snake dies from likely poisoning

"As you can see in the photos, it has wrapped its tail up and has probably bitten it a few times, and authentic mo williams jersey the snake could be getting quite ill quite quickly and [then] obviously succumb to death," Mr Collett said.

"It's one of those things that mother nature doesn't show us too often. I guess you've got to be there with a camera to see it, let alone get noah vonleh jersey proof of it."

The redback,a authentic marvin williams jersey relatively small spider, is not known for trying to attack snakes.

"Normally it's a bigger species of spider like an orb weaving spider, noah vonleh hornets jersey but to see a redback taking down one is quite extraordinary," Mr Collett said.

The find may be remarkable, but Mr Postlethwaite and pj hairston jersey wife Judy would be quite happy to not see another snake in close proximity to the house for a while.

"Judy wants me to take the car through an undercar marvin williams jersey wash before she'll use it again," Mr Postlethwaite joked.

Mr Collett said the spider was likely to eat the snake, but exactly how and how much of a snake spiders eat, remains somewhat of a mystery.

"There's no way that spider's going to be able to eat that whole snake," he said. "But, you know, the spider would get a bit of a marvin williams hornets jersey meal from it, absolutely.

"What happens is the spider injects its michael kiddgilchrist hornets jersey venom inside the animal and then the animal's insides break apart and sort of turn to almost like a soup, and they literally drink that.

The snake, which looks like an eastern brown snake, pj hairston hornets jersey is more likely to be a Dwyer's snake, Mr Collett said,

"They are nowhere near as venomous but are still a mildly venomous species, absolutely, and having a redback eat it authentic noah vonleh jersey is quite extraordinary," he said.

"If you got bitten you'd probably have a bit of swelling around the area. If you react really bad to bee stings and wasp stings and authentic michael kiddgilchrist jersey things like that you'd probably have a bit of an anaphylaxis reaction or something like that.

"It's not going to kill you , but they can possible make authentic pj hairston jersey you quite sick."

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