Snail slime hailed latest beauty wonder product

While creams containing snail slime have been popular in Korea and Africa for a few years, brands such as Missha, Dr. Jart+ and Labcconte have begun to bring them Stateside.Snail slime: Primarily marketed as an acne solution, the shelled slug's mucus is also believed to reduce pigmentation and scarring as well as beat noah vonleh jersey wriklesSnail slime based beauty products have been used sporadically since the Ancient Greeks recognised its potential, with Hippocratesreportedly recommending crushed snails to relieve inflamed skin.However the beauty potential of snail slime was rediscovered by chance recently,when Chilean snail farmers noticed their skin healed quickly, withno scars, when they handled snails for the French food market.Another Korean brand, It's Skin, manufactures Prestige Cream d'escargot, which contains authentic noah vonleh jersey 21per cent snail slime.Snail slime or, technically, HelixAspersa Mller Glycoconjugates is a complex mix marvin williams jersey of marvin williams hornets jersey proteins, glycolicacids and elastin that nature developed as a way to protectsnail skin from damage of rocks, twigs, and other rough surfaces; infection, and UV rays.From garden to beauty counter: Missha Super Acqua Cell Renew Snail Sleeping Mask, $22.99; Dr. Jart+ Premium Time Returning Serum, available at Sephora, $54However some dermatologists are still unsure.Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi, the co director of the Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery, said: 'There is some speculation that the mucin in these slime creams can be anti inflammatory and calming; however, there are no respected scientific studies to prove that it actually works. For now, I remain skeptical.'

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Teens' job woes hurt shopping prospects

NEW YORK Gabriella Jones, 16, who works in a Ray McDonald Jersey low paying job at an ice cream parlor, has no plans to splurge on back to school items this year.

Browsing through the accessories aisle at a Hot Topic Inc. store, Ms. Jones said she would spend a little more than last year and focus on basic clothing. A weak job market for teens is spoiling back to Antoine Bethea Jersey school for her and her friends.

The season kicks Ray McDonald 49ers Jersey off in July and runs through Labor Day in early September, when stores lure young shoppers to pick up clothes, gadgets, and old fashioned paper supplies as they head into a new school year. It is the second largest shopping period in the United States, after the holiday season in November and December.

"We expect back to school is going to be better than last year, but we don't expect stores to Vance McDonald Jersey set any records," said Kurt Salmon Associates retail strategist John Long.

Retailers will face easy comparisons with the exceptionally bad season in 2009, Ahmad Brooks Jersey he added.

The International Council of Shopping Centers expects back to school sales to rise Vance McDonald 49ers Jersey for the first time since 2007, with a moderate gain of 2.5 percent to 3.0 percent, chief economist Michael Niemira said.

Discounters, apparel retailers, and department stores should benefit most, Mr. Niemira said, and those offering the biggest bargains will reap the Ahmad Brooks 49ers Jersey handsomest rewards.

"Value continues Brandon Lloyd Jersey to be 'in' for the consumer," he said.

While the worst of a recession and financial markets crisis has passed, a bleak job market for teens and a Brandon Lloyd 49ers Jersey shaky economy is taking some bounce away from consumer spending.

"Most of my friends don't have jobs," said Authentic Brandon Lloyd Jersey Marc Muckle, a 20 year old Web designer. "This year, older people are taking the jobs, and it's more difficult for teens to get them."

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