snake dies from likely poisoning

"As you can see in the photos, it has wrapped its tail up and has probably bitten it a few times, and authentic mo williams jersey the snake could be getting quite ill quite quickly and [then] obviously succumb to death," Mr Collett said.

"It's one of those things that mother nature doesn't show us too often. I guess you've got to be there with a camera to see it, let alone get noah vonleh jersey proof of it."

The redback,a authentic marvin williams jersey relatively small spider, is not known for trying to attack snakes.

"Normally it's a bigger species of spider like an orb weaving spider, noah vonleh hornets jersey but to see a redback taking down one is quite extraordinary," Mr Collett said.

The find may be remarkable, but Mr Postlethwaite and pj hairston jersey wife Judy would be quite happy to not see another snake in close proximity to the house for a while.

"Judy wants me to take the car through an undercar marvin williams jersey wash before she'll use it again," Mr Postlethwaite joked.

Mr Collett said the spider was likely to eat the snake, but exactly how and how much of a snake spiders eat, remains somewhat of a mystery.

"There's no way that spider's going to be able to eat that whole snake," he said. "But, you know, the spider would get a bit of a marvin williams hornets jersey meal from it, absolutely.

"What happens is the spider injects its michael kiddgilchrist hornets jersey venom inside the animal and then the animal's insides break apart and sort of turn to almost like a soup, and they literally drink that.

The snake, which looks like an eastern brown snake, pj hairston hornets jersey is more likely to be a Dwyer's snake, Mr Collett said,

"They are nowhere near as venomous but are still a mildly venomous species, absolutely, and having a redback eat it authentic noah vonleh jersey is quite extraordinary," he said.

"If you got bitten you'd probably have a bit of swelling around the area. If you react really bad to bee stings and wasp stings and authentic michael kiddgilchrist jersey things like that you'd probably have a bit of an anaphylaxis reaction or something like that.

"It's not going to kill you , but they can possible make authentic pj hairston jersey you quite sick."

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North spur hasn't hiked Muskrat costs

The North Spur is essentially a natural dam a 1,000 metre long, 500 metre wide piece of land, jutting out into the NaVorro Bowman 49ers Jersey Churchill River and forcing the river to narrow.

It is key to the province's $7.7 billion Lower Churchill hydroelectric development and specifically the dam being built Reggie Bush 49ers Jersey atMuskratFalls.

The work is part of the project plan and, according to a spokeswoman for Nalcor Energy, NaVorro Bowman Jersey it is not about to drive costs through the roof despite public statements being made by project critics.

Lawyer and former government policy advisor Cabot Martin has referred to the NorthSpur as Jimmie Ward 49ers Jersey "the weak link in Nalcor's Muskrat

Falls project," Anquan Boldin Jersey in an online presentation.

"That is not the case," she said, responding to a question from Anquan Boldin 49ers Jersey The Telegram Monday.

"The cost of the stabilization work for the North Spur was included in the Decision Gate 3 (pre construction) budget and the estimated cost of this work has not Authentic Joe Staley Jersey changed."

At Nalcor Energy's annual general meeting on June 5, Lower Churchill project lead Gilbert Bennett was asked Authentic Torrey Smith Jersey for the exact, expected cost of the North Spur stabilization and the relevant geotechnical work.

Bennett said Reggie Bush Jersey he could not provide specific cost estimates since Jimmie Ward JerseyNalcor was entering into a bid process for contracts for the work.

As previously reported, erosion through land slides on either side of the North Spur was first brought under control in the early 1980s, Joe Staley Jersey when a system of pumps to remove water from the land was installed.

For the MuskratFalls build, a feasibility study for a Lower Churchill development was published in 1999, stating examination from 1979 80 had shown the site could support a hydro project, "although stabilization Authentic Anquan Boldin Jersey measures would be necessary to prevent

continued landsliding from breeching Joe Staley 49ers Jersey the spur under existing conditions."

Additional pump wells, as backup to the existing water removal system, were recommended alongside other stabilization measures, including a rockfill barrier on the upstream face of the spur. The Government of Newfoundland will offer no apologies or rescinded any decisions regardless of the cost to the tax payers or the damage done to the reputation of the Province. It appears that the Government of Newfoundland is unique amongst Governments in North America and is likely the only one which refuses to admit to making a mistake and will not rethink a bad policy decision even in the face of overwhelming evidence that would warrant a change of mind. Some consider that single minded attitude to be a sign of great leadership and others consider that attitude to be a Torrey Smith 49ers Jersey sign of bone headed, stubborn and closed minded stupidity!

Maurice, no fix is certain until the underground surveying and Authentic NaVorro Bowman Jersey analysis is done. That is rational. And this is why they pay games with this issue. A fix may be a big issue or not so big, so they gamble, with all our tax dollars. It will expose them whether they are world class engineers or world class in deception and high risk takers. And this is but one risk of many for this project.

But why should this behaviour by Nalcor make you sick and tired? The truth is that there is a lack of reasonable certainty that this project is economic. You want the truth, but you already know the truth. But you want Nalcor to admit this. Fewer and fewer question question this project, at least in this forum. Most Nflders are happy it is proceeding, either because they they don't know the high risks involved or don't care. Ignorance is bliss they say. You seem to have a handle on most of the risks, and it takes considerable research and some intelligence to reach the conclusions you make. Your conclusions may indeed be wise ones. But this wisdom, such as it may be, are at odds with the statements from Nalcor, and it makes you sick and tired. This suggest that wisdom may cause unhappiness, and ignorance may very well be bliss. If this is so, what is the value of wisdom? Now if enough become wise, they also become unhappy, and when those in power see enough unhappiness, perhaps they may change policy. Do we need a happiness indicator? A happiness poll? Remember when our licence plates stated we were the Happy Province? As Joey squandered our public dollars on useless schemes. and declared we were all happy. If only more were unhappy. But under democracy, ignorance and stupidity can prevail, at least until there is sufficient wisdom and dissent. I have met too many who are happy for the short term benefits of this project, even if it is a failure for the province. And this project all hinges on the Authentic Reggie Bush Jersey question "do we need the power"? Minister Kennedy said that can be answered by "looking into the crystal ball". You may rightly prefer more scientific methods, like best practises. But most Nflders seem contented with the crystal ball approach. Is there more than one in a hundred who even heard of the North Spur problem, or even care? Is it Nalcor that makes you unhappy or the majority who don't even care? That is the truth that's harder to handle, is it not? You are the most consistent critic of this project, but largely ignored by Nalcor. But other very credible critics get the same mistreatment. But don't quit. For those seeking information, your truth, while not absolute, is of considerable value to any reader interested in this subject.

As to the North Spur, over the Torrey Smith Jersey years the stabilization estimate has gone from 11 percent of the project cost down to 2 percent. And all that speculation was done without knowing the extent of the problem. Another six months we should know which was right. If only 2 percent, there remains the question, Do we need the power? Perhaps Cabot martin is wrong, and this may be the weak link? It is not good when there is more than one weak link. When there are many weak links, you're just not world class. They seem to believe their own propaganda.

The DG3 cost estimate was based on only 50% of the overall project design having been done. I would expect that the cost for a design fix for the North Spur would have at that time been minimal, after all that was before Nalcor itself said (just a couple of months ago) that the engineering design work for a fix for the North Spur would have until the end of 2013 for completion. Also, a completed design fix would FOLLOW full geotechnical work, not precede it, and Nalcor is still doing such underground surveying and analyses work as we speak. So, how can a realistic cost estimate be included in the DG3 costs, when a recent engineering design fix has not even yet been found, developed and costed?. I want the truth, and I am sick and tired of misleading and incomplete statements by Nalcor. . When asked (repeatedly) a very straight question at the AGM whether a fix for the North Spur landslide problem would require a "supplemental structure", Nalcor's Mr Authentic Jimmie Ward Jersey Gilbert Bennett repeatedly threw the issue back at the legitimate questioner by repeatedly directing him to "define 'supplemental structure'". Thereby avoiding and not answering the question whether some form of additional dam would be needed. If Nalcor has a technically and economically feasible fix, an answer could have and should have been forthcoming. Why wasn't it? Is it because Nalcor wants to wait until the province is so far in over its head that it will have no choice but to approve the construction of a very costly, additional, "supplemental structure" (in effect, a 3rd dam) at God knows what cost to ratepayers?

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